Bug fixes - summary


Summary of recent bug fixes

Hello there,

in the last couple of days I fixed some game-breaking bugs. Many thanks to everyone who took their time and reported them.

Summary of fixed bugs:

  • Fixed engine freezing in computer game
  • Fixed not being able to drop a rook after it's promoted version was captured
  • Fixed incorrect reading of moves (drops) from database
  • Fixed perpetual check rule - repeating checks that lead to the same position 4 times will cause the player giving the checks to lose the game, but I'm not sure about the details of this rule, currently the checks have to be in a row for this to occur - I will probably change this in the future
  • Fixed stalemate - the player stalemating wins the game now
  • Fixed not sending correct promotion values to engine in analysis - client side
  • Fixed board square pixel not rounding up in latest versions of chrome causing incorrect piece positioning - client side
  • Fixed that client side showed a winning player even in draws and aborted games.
  • Fixed that interface shows wrong lance premoves - client side

For the fixes on the client side, either force refresh (ctrl + F5) or just wait before your browser decides to update the cache.

I tried to test as much as I could locally, but it's possible I missed something, broke something else while fixing these bugs or something just behaves differently in the wild like this. I will double check everything in the upcoming days and I will also make an issue on github for every bug I currently know of, if you notice something that is not there and you want to help this project either make an issue or contact me on email, it really helps. In any cases, thank you for your patience and for using lishogi.

-- Update 26.10 --

  • Fixed preferences not being saved
  • Player colors should(black/white shogi piece shape next to name) now display in friend and computer games
  • Perpetual check fixes
  • Last moves visual fixes on profile page