Updates - November


Minor stability updates and email confirmation.

Hello everyone,

Once again, I fixed some bugs that managed to slip through, one of them especially was rather severe, causing the server to go down. This hopefully shouldn't happen anymore.

I also decided to require new users to confirm their email address, since I noticed some suspicious registrations. This means that after you register, you need to check your email and confirm the registration. Please also check your spam folder, it's possible that the email might end up there. If you run into any troubles, don't hesitate to contact me.

If you find any bugs, issues or even grammar errors somewhere and you want to help this project, please contact me at or create an issue on github, you can also message me here on

You might have some authorization issues, if you were logged in during the update, or even shortly before that. Clearing cookies, local storage or session storage should fix that (F12 -> Application -> Storage -> ↓ , right-click Local storage and Session storage to clear). If you wait this should also sort itself out. Sorry about the complications.

Regarding new features, I'm working on implementing puzzles and improving/finishing the learn section, but as I am currently swamped with other work, it might take me a while, hope you understand.

Thank you for using