Best Shogi book for beginner to buy.

Hi everyone, hope you are all fine and well.
For someone who is beginning to learn Shogi, what beginner books are the best to buy.
I'm from Australia, on Amazon there are these two I was looking at, are these ok, or what do you suggest.

Thanks for all help given!! Not sure why first link isn't 'clickable' but it does work if highlight and 'go to' etc, sorry.

I've not heard of either of those books, so I cannot say anything really about them.
Personally, I highly recommend the "at a glance" series by Madoka Kitao.

I would have to disagree in terms of recommending the 'At a Glance' series for beginners. The first two books listed by Eesha are good. In terms of building a skill level toward being able to begin to understand the concepts in the "At a Glance" books, one would need to have many games under their belt and a solid amount of tsume training (mate in 1, 3, 5, 7+) and watch and actually UNDERSTAND the beginner to intermediate level videos by Hidetchi and Shogi Harbour on Youtube.

@o0o That's fair, I suppose. I guess I misread the question a bit.
I had known how to play shogi for several years by the time I picked up those books. I wasn't a novice, although I don't think I was an intermediate-level either. I still maintain that they're excellent books for late-beginner through intermediate.

@Eesha I'd try out those books you mentioned. Also as @o0o pointed out, there are many resources online for beginner players to supplement their learning, like Hidetchi, and Shogi Harbour.

Thank you so much o0o and LizardWizard. Yes, I am very much a beginner, I've just been playing the computer here with slow games and lvl 1 and after 56 games I'm only now starting to win a few. I have lost a lot because of the getting used to the Japanese symbols, but yes, I'm so much a beginner.

I will therefore start with the books I mentioned and later 'At a Glance' series of books can be looked at. Somehow I have found out about Hidetchi on Youtube and will look at that too (i'll also look at 'Shogi Harbour', haven't heard of her).

Again, thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my questions!!

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