Chu Shogi is here!

Thank you Wanderer for adding ChuShogi and the function to change the display to a more compact version for streaming! Merry Christmas :)

Another season, another miracle! The "compact" display preference placing piece stands adjacent to the board is brilliant.

I understand for streamers' benefit, moving names and clocks adjacent to the board might be useful.

I hope some artist contributes shogi_BnW chu shogi pieces, trying to keep the same "easy to read" aesthetic.

This August you mentioned ambitious future roadmap ideas:
Fully automate puzzle generation from games; add several thousands of new puzzles and enable Puzzle Storm once we have enough puzzles
More variants: next in line is chuushogi, other variants are easier to implement, therefore after chuushogi updates with new variants could be released more often
Shared analysis board transition
Mobile app based on lichobile
Non-visual user interface

Lichess has begun a complete overhaul of their mobile app hopefully to release sometime next year.

The transition from game termination into studies for post-game analysis could be smoother; IMHO studies are Lishogi's best feature.

Happy new year!

Love the compact display!!
Will try out chu shogi too... sounds complex but super fun!
Thanks for these great changes!!! ❤️❤️

I like that Lishogi has added the new variant, but its way to complicated for me personally. Hopefully Taikyogu Shogi next ;)

Lol, saying chushogi is complicated but you want Taiyoku Shogi implemented

I have been waiting for this!!! Thank you very much.

It would be amazing to also get Chu tactics, Arenas and maybe even Tsume problems, but that might be to much to ask.

Keep up the great work! I am already looking forward to the next update.