New update!

I like the changes so far. I read near the end that there might be a mobile app? That would be really cool for people (myself included) who prefer using a phone instead of a computer. The convenience of an app than a mobile website isn’t gigantic, but it would make the ease to enter greater for new players 😁

Thanks for your extraordinary work on this project.

Re #2 I guess this refers to:
> Mobile app forked from lichobile

I would caution that lichobile is not stable and may be subject to a complete rewrite.

Great work!

I'm excited to see "Shared analysis board" get added!

Love the update so far!
One thing I noticed that wasn't mentioned in the changelog: is it intended that capturing pieces now has the same sound effect as a regular move/drop?

I really liked everything, especially the fact that now the board can be made in different colors and it's exciting! Thank you for such a new and interesting opportunity! I am very very grateful to you! I hope there will be more new ones soon and interesting opportunities!

Thank you very much lishogi!

A great update. Looking forward to the next one