New update!

Awesome work!!!

As for future steps,

"Fully automate puzzle generation from games, add several thousands of new puzzles and enable Puzzle Storm once we have enough puzzles
More variants - next in line is chuushogi, other variants are easier to implement, therefore after chuushogi updates with new variants could be released more often
Shared analysis board - issue
Mobile app based on lichobile
Non visual user interface"

I'm in favor of the shared analysis board. I think this seems to be the biggest issue for the shogi community on how there can be otherwise no weaknesses from 81dojo.

I don't think I can add anymore praise to this update that has not already been said, even though I want to...

As for the next step, I'd like to see Chuu Shogi.

This is great! When I saw there was going to be two hours of server downtime, I knew it was going to be something good! I especially like the piece drop animation when replaying the game.

Something I've noticed is that when a piece is dropped now it makes two sounds instead of one, maybe this is just me? It's like the sound plays twice.

Thank you for these updates!

Since I can't edit my previous comment: it looks like the capture sound effect being gone is only a problem when viewing games that were played prior to the update.

In the Learn Shogi Basics section, u actually used threefold repetition instead of 4. Hope the bug gets fixed soon. Awesome job otherwise.

This is not a bug as far as I can see, as the POSITION was repeated four times.

"If the same position occurs 4 times in Shogi, it is an automatic draw."
An excerpt from the respective learning section.

@Nihongo-sansan The problem is, it was only repeated 3 times before a draw was declared, not 4 (I counted). It should be 4, but it is 3 in the site, basically. I will try again now, maybe it changed during ur try. I bet it has something to do with using coding from western chess, as 3 times repetition there is a draw.

Editted: Nope. Lishogi still declared a draw or a loss for perpetual check with only 3 times repetition.