Post-game studies and more!

hello lishogi!

I am here to suggest you to add Farsi language.
I will personally take full responsibility for its translation and translation into Farsi.

Thanks for reading.

Wow! Really love the new changes. Post game analysis has been asked for a while and it's finally here!!!
Personally, I can't wait to try out OAuth apps!! :)

@tosa I have a technical question I need some help understanding (and if you don't know, that's OK, I can ask others, but if you have advice I'd be glad to hear it):

I'm seeing that Farsi is written right-to-left (RTL). For example, and and support Farsi, and the website layout is very different. What Lichess changed was difficult to change...

Would it be OK if the page layout doesn't change, as long as words are written correctly (spelled correctly and in the correct sequence) on the website?

I see that Arabic is a different RTL language, and Lishogi includes Arabic translations without changing the page layout.

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