Customized Shogi software

Do you customize your ShogiGUI or Shogi software in general? If so please share it I'm curious! I'm also aware that people customize the BCMShogi software, like a lot, for example I've seen it on Hidetchi's videos xD

These are the ones I've put together so far Obviously all the pieces and other elements are taken from the internet.

If you’re talking about userstyles, then I do use a few on lishogi, but usually prefer it with its default theme.

The default theme, pieces and boards on Lishogi are pretty awesome! but I hope you're not burning your eyes with the Light background xD, about userstyles seems like you can import your own pieces and boards? I would have to look up some tutorial and hope its not too hard.

I actually do burn my eyes with light mode xD. I've always used the default lichess/lishogi light mode, I prefer it.

#5 Nice! I like your setup, seems like you don't mind the harder kanji pieces (I do xd), transparent board, so you can actually use the custom board from the background! everything looks very clean and the pillow is a nice addition,
though I wish the stands could be used properly and now that I notice is kinda hard to see the board coordinates xD

also the puzzle, correct me if I'm wrong but 1 L*5d 2 Kx4d 3 G*3d 4 K-4e 5 G-3e checkmate right?

Sadly the stands are only aesthetical here and are covered by the text boxes most of the time. I like both the double kanji and single kanji versions and alternate between both.
As you have noticed, the text color is a problem. Using transparent background we have only a white text version, which makes it more difficult to read if outside the semi-transparent boxes. White semi-transparent boxes with black text would look nicer in this case, but that's what we have and that's ok; I could always integrate the coordinates on the background image if I wished.

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