Heian shogi / 平安将棋

Message me and I send you a challenge. Friendly game by correspondence.

OMG; I love Heian Shogi, please someone challenge me at it * o *! hahaha

I really think heian shogi came from ancient Buddhist makruk player who arrived in Japan ... Japanese later changed that ancient makruk into heian-shogi, that's why there were no drops and there were no bishop or rook, but I am not sure at all, that the pieces move like in modern shogi ... mmh, very suspicious, I think heian shogi pieces can move like makruk does, lances are rooks, and knights are horses (horses moving like chess knight) ...

So, when firsts Japanese new proto-shogi players played that kinda game, they noticed that it would be great drop the pieces again to avoid too many draws, but to achieve a balance it was necessary to downgrade some pieces, ex: rooks are the new lances, and horses are the new knights only moving forward to get that new balance.

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