Postpone game

In correspondence game there is nice with a postpone function. If a player go for a vacation or so. On a chess server I played it kicked in when a player missed their first time limit.
Especially useful with shorter time limits, like 1-3 days.

Interesting thing to ask for, though I feel it's highly unlikely to be implemented as it spoils the whole point of even having a time control. If you can't commit yourself to completing a correspondence game then why play it? Also lishogi does provide the option to play infinitely long games, so maybe those would suit you better.

Well, the idea is that something can happend in life. I would rather see it as an correspondence equivalent to 60s+60s (Byoyomi+buffet time).

Just a "nice to have"-functions, nothing crucial ^^

Very few player use 14days/move. I guess most choose that time limit as a buffer for trips or so. Perhaps easiest to implement it is to raise a flag and then reset time.

I agree. I memory doesn't fail me, playOK or LittleGolem had such a feature. You have a thirty days or so during the year which could be used to prevent losing ongoing games. Usually who plays correspondence, plays a lot of games at one time and you can't tell how long it will last, mainly because you can't control your opponent's frequency of play. Let's say you go for a 2days/move game. Well, a Shogi game can have more than 100 moves, so.... Usually, players will play faster, mainly during the opening moves, but it isn't granted and we can't count on it. So, should we give up beginning new games one month or more before vacations?

As for the unlimited time, I think it will be more difficult to find opponents, since most want to be sure there will be something that keeps the game going. I would have some ten games that I won on time still going on perhaps, crowding my game list.

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