Real pieces-handicap game here, guys! Come Watch!

I just had a talk with my Go friend who invited me to start Shogi. We decided to play a game together again after so long with a 2-pieces handicap. If you are interested, you can come and see the game from times to times.

This game is a good example of how the future of Lishogi should be like!

Nice! Will definitely check it out! :]

I tried to interest some of mine IRL friends with shogi (made a board and pieces and all :`)) in the past but I guess kanji are too intimidating for everyone (I can't fathom why, had no trouble memorizing them myself). :(


You can just ask them to change their pieces setting to pictures like in Western chess though? I don't see the problem.

I was talking about playing over the board with my friends not on the server, sorry for offtopic!

@gr3mlin Well, you could try again, but with pictures instead of Kanjis this time, perhaps. If you still do want to. XD

@lovecall I hope to put up a good fight. Congrats on your great progress so far.

@gr3mlin finding OTB opponents is tough, hopefully that works out.

Got it going on the good board.

Hopefully my Shogi will have a reduced screen diet unlike my Go.