SFEN Code Doesn't Work

Hello there.
I am trying to use this SFEN code. The site accepts the code, but when I try to start the game, it just goes back to the home page without starting the game. Any help with this is greatly appreciated!

The SFEN is:

I don't know how to duplicate whatever you're talking about.

@Toadofsky He was using this invalid SFEN:ln1gkg2l/2s4s1/p1pp+Bpnpp/1r4p2/7P1/P8/2GPPPP1P/2S6/LN2KG+r1L_b_BPsn3p_1
(it has underscores instead of spaces)
From the main menu, you go to "Play with the computer" -> "From position".
If you enter in this invalid SFEN, there is no warning or message that the position is invalid, and it even updates the preview window. But when you try and start the game, Lishogi kicks you back out to the main screen with no message or prompt and this is what was confusing @NickAlexander
If you try to put the invalid SFEN into the "Board Editor", it does tell you that the position is invalid.
Everything works fine if you use a correct SFEN.

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