the pieces

I wonder what style of pieces are used for shogi in other countries besides Japanese and Chinese native speakers
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@wubingxun Most of the time, western shogi players simply use the same pieces. We can't read kanji of course, but it is not hard to learn a few kanji to play shogi.
There ARE some western players who INSIST on NOT learning the 12-ish kanji, and they come up with many of their own complicated (and usually quite ugly) western-chess style designs.

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@wubingxun 大多数时候,西方的Shogi玩家只是使用相同的棋子。我们当然不能读懂汉字,但是学习一些汉字来玩象棋并不难。

I think the mixed design of, say, is very nice (compared to almost any other "western" style design)...however the reality of the situation is that, if you're ever going to play with others over the board you pretty much better be able to play with 2-character kanji pieces. shrug

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