we need more players

haha i await the day when i can get a match within seconds rather than waiting 10 minutes

@arek Lishogi is available in over 20 languages, including Polish, Russian, and Hungarian. You can change the language from the languages menu, after clicking your name at the top right corner.

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Shogi Wars is a strange app, with inability to play games with a time control larger than 10 min/game, and distracting animated backgrounds. Is this the way Shogi is usually played in Japan?

Shogi wars has been targeted on casual users mainly and got huge number of users. The enhanced graphics and the fast tempo of game are all for attracting casual users(it is like in many other consumer videogames). Power users feel it distracting, and large number of casual users feel it exciting.

Shogi wars is an amusement rather than E-sports. And amisement is more popular than E-sports in japan. Thats why Shogi wars has sweeped over the other shogi sites(applications).

Originally, a game called 天下一将棋会(Tenkaichi Shogi Kai), similar to Shogi Wars, was available on the amusement arcade.
So, Shogi Wars is not the first Shogi game with a fancy presentation.
And the population of Shogi is very small compared to Chess.
More often than not, the number of concurrent users of all apps combined will not reach 10,000.
Therefore, the time control must be short and the number of choices must be small for auto-matching to work.

You’d think that casual players would feel pressured by short time controls - casual chess players, in my experience, play without any time controls at all, with chess clocks being evidence of a professional. Maybe if you see the game as a quick Hearthstone-like match...

I think that shogi wars, is flatly a casual game, from my country the costs for the khisi is very high. but it is true this totally unbalances it becoming a pay to win. But it's visually entertaining, it's like an attention-grabbing version. shogi24 does not give me the level to enter directly. and in dojo81 I have played around there the interface is uncomfortable for me, what if I like a lot about lishogi is the interface and fundamental to learn the puzzles. Here in Argentina there are very few people, very few.

shogi wars is fabulous,

81 dojo real game, but difficult

lishogi is free, let s wait...

I am Japanese and, I belong to a Japanese Shogi club on the web called Noritama Shogi Club,and KurisoraDan.
Lishogi is still not very popular in Japan because of the ShogiClub24 and Shogiwars. They already occupy the space.
But recently, corresspondence shogi has grown very popular among our club, Noritama and Kurisora.
Our club players found corresspondence shogi on lishogi uneque among 24 and wars, and also found it very interesting.
We play Corresspondence shogi every day in our club with lishogi now.
I kind of find some hints in this situation.
But time has to be taken for lishogi to grow like 24 and wars.
What I can do now for lishogi is say, just enjoy corresspondence shogi every day, and talk about it with my shogi friends on and not on web.
Thanks for reading my poor English.

In my opinion, Lishogi should focus on promoting shogi among chess players who don't know this game exists instead of competing against Japanese sites. Making the game more popular is more important than making Lishogi more popular in a country where people already know shogi exists. Of course, getting users from Japan is important, but getting users from Europe and the Americas would be even a bigger achievement.

And the good news is, Crazyhouse is the most popular variant on Lichess! Many chess players like the drop rule. This is a good reason to think that a lot of those Crazyhouse players would like to give shogi a try if they knew about it.