About black and white shogi piece set | 白黒駒セットについて

I really like the black and white shogi piece set, which is very cool!
However, in shogi, black is the first move and white is the second move, so it is confusing.
The current black-and-white piece set is the opposite of the first move and the second move notation of the game record, so it is more confusing.
My personal request is to match the color of the piece set with the game record notation.
However, if you want to change it, I want you to reverse the color of the piece set instead of reversing the game record notation.
If the colors of the pieces in the game record are reversed, it will be more confusing.
For people in the chess area, I think it's natural to use the colors of the current black-and-white pieces (white is the first move and black is the second move).
What do you think, guys?

By the way, the game record notation I am talking about here is Japanese style.
I just learned that the black and white piece mark is not displayed in the Western style game record notation.
If you want to know what I'm saying, try changing the notation to "Japanese-7六 歩".



Thank you for telling me.
I didn't know that. I'll check that out.

It seems that regardless of who is sente or gote, it uses white for the player whose perspective you are currently looking at. When you flip the board, all pieces switch their colors. That is a little confusing.

I guess it makes sense from a programmer's perspective - the pieces of different sides are actually different images, after all...

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