Arena 10+10

Hi! Last Arena topurnament (17/06) I played the feature + 10 seconds wasnt applied.

I didnt get the buyomi - It is easy to check the game and see how I had 6 sec. next move 2 sec. - next move only 1 sec.

After you spent your 10 minutes you had in the beginning, you then have only 10 seconds for each move. If you don't make a move in these 10 seconds, only then will you lose on time.

I know the mechanics, dont be silly. I DID not have 10 sec for each move. After 10 minutes I lost the game as I would play 10 minutes game without buyomi

I just noticed you beserked this game. Seemingly beserking removes Byoyomi.

If this is the case, maybe adding this to the 'Arena description' might be a very convenient option.

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