Byoyomi periods and rated games

Currently it is not possible to create rated games using byoyomi periods. In Chu shogi, a game can last over 4 hours, and small breaks are necessary. Can this be changed?

I don't see how byoyomi periods would help here, byo periods only allow you to run out of byo time and have it reset again n times.
But yeah, chushogi games are really long and not that suited for real time games, there was a talk about adding an option to pause games, but I'm not sure if it's something worth working on.
Also current max base time is 3hrs I think, perhaps that should be increased at least for chushogi.

10 periods of byoyomi make a quite difference in play than 5.

Maximum limit of byoyomi periods could be set to 20

Main intended use of byoyomi periods is, saying, playing the whole game on byoyomi (for example, 0|60), and spending extra periods for thinking complicated positions.

Plus spending some of byoyomi periods to go to toilet, etc.

If we only have 5 periods max, that doesn't make that use, so the only appropriate option remaining becomes Fischer time system. Fischer is good itself, but it has some disadvantages for Chu Shogi play too.

Also another idea is byoyomi with periods of different duration.

Say, byoyomi 60 sec and 5 periods of 300 sec each.
That option would be fine for Chu Shogi too.

The NHK Cup tournament counts as official pro shogi, and it uses periods of different duration from the byoyomi. NHK time control: 5 minutes main time, 30-second byoyomi, 10 periods (1 minute each).

I almost only play with increment, because the byoyomi settings lack versatility. My main game is chu shogi, and I don’t like playing games that take over 3.5 hours. If I could set the time control to 30-second byoyomi with 15 periods of 1 minute, I would.

So we want:
- Period time not dependent on byoyomi time
- Increase the limit of periods
- Allow ranked games with periods for chushogi

The overall behavior would be like this, since we allow mixing Fischer clock with byoyomi and periods we need to consider everything (of course if maintime is zero, or no increment is present ignore it):
During maintime after each move the clock is increased by increment, after you run out of maintime, byoyomi starts. If you run out of byoyomi, one period is consumed (if you run out of time in that period another period is consumed, if available, otherwise you lose on time), after you make your move we go back to byoyomi time and unused time from period is discarded.

Is this correct?

I’ve never heard of increment mixed with byoyomi/periods before. Periods only really make sense with byoyomi. The three points listed are correct.

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