Computer Just Too Hard for Beginners

So I am just learning and the level 1 of the computer is insane, I downloaded the app level100 Shogi, and pitted the 2 computers against each other in casual. Turns out that LEVEL 1 of the lishogi site is the same level as the level 75/100 computer in level100 Shogi... Maybe I am not on the right site, but that seems like an INSANE barrier to entry.

In my opinion the weakest bot should be one your mom could beat after having the rules explained. The one currently is much stronger than that. I guess you could play handicap games against it but the site doesn't guide you to do it. Probably most newbies don't even know about handicap games existing. Especially if we want to promote shogi in the west we should have weak bots.

The tutorials and walkthroughs for beginners are AMAZING and I loved them. But then it just throws you to the wolves when you try to play against a computer to test out what you learned from the tutorials...

I also think that piece handicap would be a great way to make a weaker bot. It gives 8 extra levels or so.

Lichess is discussing how to change Lichess to encourage playing against "BOTs" instead of Stockfish.

Lishogi should make more visible somehow (and people should make beginner-friendly bots).

As a beginner, I can relate. Feel free to check out my defeats against Engine level 1 lol. The best I can win is the 2-piece handicap. :p

Making a beginner-friendly bot? I'm giving it a shot.

I offer to play correspondence handicap games with those who want to try. Those who are interested, please message me.

I think, like I have said before, if the site makes unrated handicap games more accessible (In Lobby), it would attract a lot more players to become an active user on the site.

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