Correspondence game ending by time, how to avoid this?

Is there or can there be any mechanism to avoid opponents who lose correspondence/daily matches due to timeout?
I played 4 games and only one had a normal ending, the other 3 ended before the opening.


This is more of an issue of lack of playerbase... The situation to me seems to be people learn of shogi, make an account and start up several games, and then either can't find enough games to stay interested, or simply aren't that interested to begin with and don't log back in, forfeiting all their games. I have the same issue, right now about 30% of my correspondence games end with abandonment.

When I make a game, I sometimes put 1550 rating as the lower limit, that way only people who have won at least one game can see the challenge (disadvantage of this is that new players won't see my game at all, possibly discouraging them even further...)

Also, if my opponent accepts the game and doesn't make their move after the first day or so, I'll often abort the game.

Until lishogi gets more popular, and there are more people to play with, there's not much else we can really do. To be fair to lishogi, I have the same 'game abandonment' issue on lichess, but to a lesser extent.

I've been wanting to keep some correspondence games going too, but they've all fizzled out quickly.
It's a shame too, because there doesn't appear to be any other decently popular site for correspondence shogi.

Personally, I just keep putting challenges out there, and if they abandon, they abandon. It's not like I can force them to play. Either way, I've had many a good game with the few who are consistent.

Yeah, I noticed the same thing in Lichess, I prefer to play matches in that mode on Chess dot com.

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