Even premove consumes time.

Thank you for the last major update.
I feel it has made it very easy to use.
There is one major problem: premove now consumes time on smartphones. It seems to consume about 0.3 seconds.
On a PC, this does not seem to be a problem.
I don't know if this is unavoidable or if it can be improved, but if it is possible, I would like you to improve it because one of the advantages of lishogi is that you can play shogi in a very short time, and if time is consumed even in premove, the advantage is lost.

Please consider it.
(DeepL translation)


Thanks for explaining this bug in detail! I found this news surprising, since I could not imagine how lag compensation could be broken for only some people; and I incorrectly assumed that if lag compensation were broken 30 or more days ago, I would have known about this 30 days ago.

As a matter of fact, it has been recognized among Japanese players for more than a month.
To be honest, I did not report it because I thought it was an expected behavior.
In the future, I will try to report any strange behavior a little more promptly.


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