Feature request: Add more variants as

For example, racing kings shogi, antishogi, and everything just like chess.

Variants like RK, ANTI-CHESS aren't made by lichess, they actually exist. So, you want Lishogi to make random Shogi variants? :D

Weird, btw, some Shogi variants already exists like minishogi, gorogoro Shogi, Dobutsu etc..

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway Lishogi is currently in beta; there is a tremendous amount of work involved to release v1.0 of Lishogi.

Beta means something like not yet completed or still under the tests phase.

Sorry for being late to the party, but I don't think that some chess variants don't really work in Shogi.
For example the following don't seem to make any sense:
-Atomic Shogi; Where are the exploded pieces supposed to go to? Into the takers hand would make any explosion potentially OP
-3 check shogi; The advantage of the first move should be too big.
-Fisher-Random; The initial position has the best defense for both players. Reducing this might give Sente an advantage.

On the other hand, the following could work:
-Racing Kings; Due to the entering kings phase making the game quite drawish, removing these might make the game more interesting.
-King of the Hill; Like Bougyoku, just a tad bit more crazy. Get your king to the very center square of the board.
-Antishogi; Forcing your opponent to take all your pieces might make this variant very different to normal Shogi.

These are just my two cents on these chess variants transformed into Shogi ones.
Shogi already has some great ones on its own that I'd like to see on those site (Minishogi, Chū Shogi, ...), and making it closes to chess would steal the identity of Shogi.

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