How many players do we need for quick pairing?

I'm supporting lishogi in a small way.
I think the implementation of quick pairing is a big milestone, but how many players do we need to implement it?
I would like to use it as motivation, so please let me know if it is possible.

1. Is it Possible to support quick pairing on lishogi right now?

Yes it is possible. It's even possible when only one player exists in this site (which isn't the case here). No specific number of players is required to enable quick pairing, but it would just be better if there were 100 players active who want to get paired quickly than if there were only 10.

2. If quick pairing can be added to lishogi, why isn't it being added?

Quick pairing isn't being added because quick pairing is supposed to pair you quickly to an opponent, but if there are very few players on this site playing or sending a challenge in the lobby then the pairing won't be quick and you'll still have to wait till your challenge gets accepted in the lobby.

But at the same time quick pairing is a wanted feature on lishogi. Many have requested it. I can probably create a Pull Request to enable Quick Pairing, but I'll need to know the 11 most commonly played time controls (which we probably need to have a vote on?) and I can't be completely sure that it will be merged onto lishogi right now.

Quick Pairing, though a great feature would only actually pair you quickly if there are others who will be willing to accept your challenge quickly (which is why many players on lishogi is required).

Thanks for the reply.
What I and many supporters are thinking is that quick pairing will lower the threshold for users.
It is surprisingly difficult for new users to create a game and wait for it to be played.
By preparing two, or at most three, quick pairings, they can easily play a game on an unfamiliar site.

On Lichess I think the quick pairing pool implementation only succeeded on the second or third implementation, with 10000+ players logged in simultaneously... and players still resisted the idea so we had to match players who created seeks against those using the pool.

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