Issues with Arenas (Tournaments)

A few problems with the Arenas (Tournaments)
Since the site has currently still very few players and arenas (tournaments) are the main places where people actually get games, it would be nice to have this issue sorted or at least get some clarity on how arenas work.

1. Players not being matched up.
Often times I see 5+ people waiting with no games being matched up.
(For example: 1 person paused, 5 people not paused. 3 people in the spectators (2 of which are the players and 1 random person)

There should be some indicator of what we are waiting for or how much time we have to wait for a new game to start.
I've had many situations where I alt tab and watch a movie, while waiting for the game to start and then eventually find out that I was paired up, lost and got paused in the tournament.

On the plus side, there is a popup from this website that comes up if im doing something on a different tab on my browser.

2. Players with 0 points are lower in rankings than players with no games played.
There was a post about this before that has been archived, but the situation hasn't been fixed.

So, what I realized is that many people join tournaments and then close their browser, but this doesn't set their status as "paused". So, it seems like there are more people waiting for a game then there actually is.
If you hover over people's name, you can can see if they are online or not.

The only players waiting to be matched are those that are both unpaused and in the spectators list. lishogi tries to avoid pairing the same players twice in a row. If there are only two players waiting for a game and they played each other in their previous game, they probably won't get paired for a long time

I think a good solution would be to outright remove the players with 0 games played

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