As per the above GitHub issue, for kyoto shogi, the notation that lishogi uses doesn't match that of Fairy Stockfish... and assumably all other kyoto shogi engines. So, how does your bot convert the moves given by your engine into moves in lishogi's notation, and how does your engine convert the moves given from lishogi into the notation that your engine follows?
or do you just make the moves manually?

Oh... Also, why isn't your Bot here? Even when it's active(or online) it isn't there?

I've created my engine, but i wasn't using lishogi notations... so, application that I've created just show me the move the BOT must do and I play the move myself, it is for that it accept only correspondence challenges for now...
I don't use an API access token because I just display the position on the application and it's me who play the move so... because the list display only BOTs who are using an API access token right now
Have a nice day!

Oh OK... nice!
By any chance could you provide your chu shogi engine? Because it seems to be in line with lishogi's chu shogi rules and could be really useful.

I'm so so sorry, but my engine is private and I don't want that another people have access to it... I'm very sorry... I hope you'll succed with kyoto notation :)