Piece gets unselected when opponent makes a move

During my opponent's turn if I take a piece from the piece stand and hover it over the board and my opponent makes a move the piece gets unselected and I have to drag it back to the board again

yeah, my first win on this tournament also does not make sense. I am sure you are not surrendered. this is a bug? are you properly informed about that game?

In a tournament if you don't move then it's a loss

#1 I just tested on my mobile. If I select a piece in my opponents turn then after my opponent plays a move three piece does *not* get unselected. Maybe you could provide more details such as the browser and os you were using when you experienced this bug.

#2 When your opened doesn't play a move after he is in a game within 30 secs then it is considered a win for you, which is how you won that game in the tournament.

So I tried to do it mobile and it works fine but when I tried to do it on two Chromebooks both had the bug. Also I found a different bug while testing, if you are not signed in and are in a middle of a game and you sign back in the red reconnecting thing appears and instantly turns green and fades out and as soon and as it fades out it appears again in a loop

I tried this on chrome with my windows 10 Pro too. The piece still doesn't get unselected if I click on it during my opponents turn.

If I click on it everything is ok but if I drag it from the piece pocket it gets unselected

Well, I even tried to drag it during my opponents turn from the piece pocket and even after my opponent played a move the piece was still being dragged and did not get unselected. So I'm not completely sure I can reproduce this bug. Maybe you could try to update to the latest version of chrome if you don't have the latest version or you could try to disable all browser extentions used on lishogi by you.

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