Puzzle Themes Request

I would like to request an option to have a custom puzzle mix setting in which you can choose what percentage of the types of problems you are presented with when doing the healthy mix of shogi puzzles. For instance, if I wanted to focus more on openings and mate in 5 puzzles I could do 50% Opening themes, and 50% mate in 5 or do a 20% of one theme, 5% of another theme, so on and so forth. The healthy mix usually just gives one theme, then a few a little of something else, and then back to the main theme whether it s mate in 3, etc. I would also like to request an option to add puzzle favorites. For instance, if there was a certain puzzle I really liked solving or thought it was very interesting, a good challenge, etc. I could favorite it to come back to at any time.

Also, did the previous post that I made about the pawn sacrifice puzzles get resolved or was I wrong in what I assumed pawn sacrifice puzzles to be about?

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