[Request] Implementation of automatic pairing function | [要望]自動ペアリング機能の実装について

I think why many want quick pairing is because it would be easier to create a game. Many are unfamiliar with lishogi's UI and might need help with certain basic functions on lishogi. This might be the only reason I see where popularity of lishogi increases because of quick pairing. Many who join might leave if they don't know how to create a game.

Though honestly what quick pairing is for, is to allow users to get paired with an opponent quickly, but it is looked at as an easy way to create a game (whether they get paired quick or not).

Thanks for the reminder... OK, I'm working on a solution to help players quickly seek rated games.

I am very grateful for your serious discussion on this topic.
Personally, I share Yobot's view.


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