See the chat after the game ends?

I was playing a correspondence game and my opponent had responded to my move in the chat, but then resigned after a premove sequence I had made played out. I wanted to talk to them about the move, or at least say good game, but I accidentally left the page. When I went back, it was in the analysis view and only the spectator chat and notes were visible, not the game chat. I tried clicking on the game from my page and my opponent's. However, when I click on the little pop-up message at the side of the lishogi homepage (VICTORY vs [playername]), it did get me back to the regular board outside of analysis mode. I wonder if there's a way to get there from the analysis board, since that's easier to get to for an old game? If not, how do I get to it for any given game? I'm just curious, as I've already solved my specific problem.

If you want to see the private chat of the game instead of the spectator room (the chat you see in analysis mode), go to and try to find the game. You can change the values of the search to find more games (variant, date, time control, etc.).

Important: in-game chat rooms don't send notifications. If you want to be sure that your opponent will read your post-game comments, go to their profile and send a private message with the URL of the game, or send your comments about the game via PM.

"I wonder if there's a way to get there from the analysis board"

I think this is impossible. Every game has some random letters that dissappear when you are in analysis mode.

These examples are from my games: (private chat) (analysis) (private chat) (analysis)

Yeah, I saw that the url for the analysis mode was shorter. Thank you for showing me how to search for it! So you can get to it from the advanced search page. That is just what I was looking for. I guess it's really only useful for remembering what was said, though.

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