Sente and gote "colors"

Hi! Is it a problem with my phone dark theme, or sente is black, gote - white? Because sente must be filled, gote - outlined.
I mean: in dark theme, sente is "white", but in my browser it's "black".

This confused me initially too. In dark mode, Sente becomes black with a white outline. Gote becomes filled white.

@YoBot_v2 I think they mean the icons to denote Sente and Gote. At least, that is what I myself was referring to. Sente is a filled symbol on white backgrounds, whereas Gote is the outlined, empty symbol.
English referring to them as white & black brings an issue when you have a dark background. If you keep Sente filled, it can not be black.

I am not sure what traditional is, but I sometimes do see Sente as filled (any colour), Gote as empty but outlined. In Lishogi dark mode the colours are prioritised over their filling, so Sente becomes outlined, and Gote instead becomes filled white.

The confusion depends on what really defines them for you, I suppose. Their colour (as in English), or whether they are filled or not.

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