Userstyles not working as intended

When using Stylus, the pieces in userstyles do not work properly. When in Sente's POV, Sente's pieces face up and Gote's ones face down as they should. However, in Gote's POV, Sente's pieces still face up and Gote's ones still face down.

Examples: (note the POVs in each picture)

I didn't know where exactly to post this kind of problem so I put it in Feedback. Apologies if I posted in the wrong place.

It also had that same problem. Gote's pieces would always face down no matter which side you where, and Sente's pieces would always face up.

What i sent was a fix for the problem you faced. I didn't face that problem with my UserStyle.

It's probably my Firefox that's being stupid then. Every style I used had that problem.

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