wins and losses

How do I find out how many wins and losses I have had? Thank you.

You should be able to just click on your name, and it takes you to your profile. Then there's a tab that says "Activity" and a tab that says "Games", and clicking the games tab shows you all the games you've played, wins and losses.
You've played 31 games total: 10 wins, 21 losses

The "Activity" tab only shows me the last week of games. Is there a way to see my win/loss record over, say the last 2 or 3weeks?

Did you check the "Games" tab next to activity? At least for me it shows all the games. You can use the advanced search to narrow down as well.

The screen after clicking the "games" tab uses a lot of space for each game, so I see only a few games I have played, not nearly all of them.

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