Mistake in a shogi problem on the site

I believe that in problem there could be dragon 37 mating move, but it's concerned by site as a wrong move. Gold 58 is a correct answer (they both are correct).

Do you mean dragon to 73? I don't see a forced mate after gote plays R*63 or B*63

Silver promotion is the only correct move here. He can block your dragon by dropping any piece to 63 from his hand. But I can remember a few puzzles that also seemed to have multiple solutions and you had to find the fastest way to checkmate. It would be really helpful if Lishogi devs could add "mate in X" description to every problem.

@lv4 That's not a bad idea, but I think it could potentially spoil the puzzle knowing the number of mate moves. I kind of like having to figure it out on my own. It's not like in a real game you say 'ah I have mate in 7, now I have to find it', ya know?

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