What do the "bigsby" reaction marks mean? | 「bigsby」のリアクションマークはどう言う意味ですか?

When I post a text in the forum, sometimes I get a bigsby reaction mark.
When I searched for this word on the internet, all I found was that "bigsby" is the name of an arm attached to an electric guitar that adds vibrato to the sound.
I don't understand the nuance or meaning of this reaction mark.
Can someone who knows, please tell me?


I think I got the hang of it.
In short, it was an emoji born from the humor or mischievousness of lishogi, based on the mascot of South Bay Shogi Club XD

I'm glad it's not an emoji with a bad connotation.
lishogi does some funny things, don't they?lol
I'm liking lishogi more and more!

I've cleared up the blur!
Thanks for telling me about it!

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