My Chuu Shogi Study

I have some News regarding my study. I have just begun to implement the first Tsume Problem into the study.
These puzzles will be practice positions for you to try and solve independently.
I am going to comment on all of them as extensively as I can in the study.

Sometimes I might just put in a few problems to show you the beauty I see in Chuu Shogi.

A small call for help.

I just added the in my opinion most beautiful Tsume problem to the study, I called it 80(+1) Days around the world, and I'd like you to help me to annotate the problem.
I have already done a bit, but I am not sure if this is enough to make this problem quite easily accessible for player who just went through the study for the first time.

Any ideas for improvement of this chapter are very much appreciated.
I'd appreciate if you could write these pieces of advice in the corresponding Study Chat.

The thsume problem is tricky for beginners, but in general, it is solvable, as far as lishogi tsume engine marks the next move as correct or incorrect immediately after you made it.
So it is possible just to go through all possible moves until you found the right sequence.

Btw, I've solved it, it's really beautiful :3

Time for a small update:

I have just finished a major and in my opinion very important improvement to my study.
All promotions that are not on the board at the start now have their own dedicated chapter.
I have also added coloured circles to explain how all pieces move.

As always, If you find something I can improve, write it in the Study Chat.

I would consider describing range moves with arrows for a more intuitive understanding

Just another small Update on my study.

I am preparing the last few chapters on rules not regarding the pieces (Baring the King, repetitions,...).
After that, I will try to fit in one or two annotated games, so that people can play their first game with a plan at hand.

Looking over these new chapters and reporting mistakes in the Study Chat is always appreciated.

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