2023 Chu Shogi Cup R2, DoubleD91 - Prnej

[Official game topic]
Second-round pairing. Round 2 ends: 25 September 23:59:59 UTC
@DoubleD91 plays sente (先手). @Prnej plays gote (後手). Please agree to a playing time in this topic.

Hello Prnej,
I prefer playing in the afternoon, at around 12-13 UTC, but I may also play earlier in the morning, like 7-8. Any day is good.

Hello Double,
Aight, I would like to start round 7-8. Wednesday/Friday may be possible (now I can’t be sure), but both weekend days work for me for sure.

Sorry! In the end, I won't be able to play tomorrow, I'll know more about friday most likely in next 30 hours. Saturday is 100%

Oh, ok. I can't play Friday morning but I m free in the afternoon. I prefer not to play this weekend if possible; I am also available on Thursday, both morning and afternoon. Let me know.

Friday afternoon is not working for me, tho thursday afternoon may. I will return home around 14 UTC, so I would be ready at 15.