2023 Chu Shogi Cup R2, PikerWorm101 - Octananda

Since gote has agreed to the time with just over 3 hours left, I would like to see that sente has read this and is still available to play.

Please note that a game is only officially called off due to absence 20 minutes after the scheduled time. Therefore, to establish your presence when the opponent appears to be absent, you should remain logged in and ready to play at least until that time (20 minutes after scheduled).

I am free today almost all day so my part can choose almost any moment he is avalable for playing

Please negotiate a specific time to play.

gj, PikerWorm101.

22:00 UTC would be Romania time UTC+3 1:00 am.

Why won't you suggest 08:00 am time UTC?! I believe, that time would probably be perfectly fine for Octananda.