2nd Mega Team Battle

Nice, should be interesting! Hope there’s more participation this time.

I don't like this, you make accounts and teams on website the time when they're almost new born. By that time, your team remains #1. Eventually, the website gets promoted because of its efforts and that also promotes your teams. And now you're coping the idea Lichess Mega Team Battle! Lichess forum etiquette applies here too!

Bottom line: Use other channels to promote your team not Lishogi.

#3 so the one where Lichess puts Mega Battle signup forum says for maintaining etiquette and requests.for joining Lichess Mega team with link?

And by the way, if you arent much new, you should realise that Lichess grew more when there were cash prize team battles. So I cant understand where the problem lies. Maybe you can elaborate it more?

And last but not the least, should I use Newspapers for Promoting my Lishogi team? And for your kind information, in Lidraughts also we have a friends group who organise team battles and those sites arent much popular as Lichess so we give our efforts.


I recommend him to go on the street and shout out:
"Mere lishogi team ko join karoooooo! Ha! Mufth mein! Aap log www dot lishogi dot o are ge team international shogi association type kigeye apne browser mein oor aa jaye ga, fir join kijiye plzz!" And see what happens to his team! ;)

(NOTE: This is a joke, don't actually do it.)

@Diwaditya thanks you told not to do it. I was just stepping out of my house for shouting in the street.

And "Ami Chechabo je Amar team keu join koro na, Diwadityar post gulo ke besi dhoirjo die poro aar baki sob kaaj chere Forum Post koro. Ami emnitei amar bondhuder bolediechi :P " let me see if you can understand this!