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120|15A.I. level 2
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  1. Postpone game simoom I agree. I memory doesn't fail me, playOK or LittleGolem had such a fe…
  2. GIFs and Advanced Search Diwaditya It works :]
  3. GIFs and Advanced Search ohithere Thank you!
  4. GIFs and Advanced Search BOT YoBot_v2 Realised this earlier today! Thanks for these amazing features!!
  5. Postpone game dannebubben Very few player use 14days/move. I guess most choose that time limit a…
  6. html css js coder BOT JapaneseChessisgr8 I need!! if you are one please let me know I will tell why
  7. Postpone game BOT YoBot_v2 Well... Increment in correspondence games is a great idea, though it h…
  8. Postpone game dannebubben Well, the idea is that something can happend in life. I would rather s…
  9. Postpone game BOT YoBot_v2 Interesting thing to ask for, though I feel it's highly unlikely to be…
  10. Today's puzzle: Wrong motifs a… BOT YoBot_v2 Could you provide the link too please?