British Players to unite and bost Shogi in the UK

Hello everyone.

I was chatting with a friend about the statuts of the "Bristish Shogi Federation" and the UK Shogi escene in general.
Where few veterans still playing, but it does not look much like they have the time (will?) to promote and finding new potential players...

Well now days is pretty easy to play online, or with a mobile app... but looks like of many people knowing, and playing it... there are very little union in a proper gruop like a national federation (which existed in the past when George Hodge started promoting and (far I heard) teaching in schools / university? in mid 1970's).

so I know this post might go unread, and un-answered ... but here I am asking for a way to connect with individuals who enjoy this great game, and to find the better ways to boost shogi promotion in the country.

There's the Shogi Harbour community, the largest English-speaking (and international) community online. You can find the Discord invite by Googling.

There are certainly a few British players in it, maybe get in touch with them through the Discord.

You can't post in the forums yet. Play some games!