Aozora Chu shogi

This Chu Shogi variant called Aozora Chushogi might be something to add to lishogi. If you don't have time for a full game of chu shogi you could play this similar, but faster game instead.

It wouldn't be hard to implement since it's just Chu Shogi with less pieces. It could just be added as a premade "from position" option too, but I think it would be more fun if you could play it with random non-friends too.


81dojo で青空中将棋を指したこと、思い出します。





Good idea.

I remember that we used to be able to play it in 81dojo.

But I doubt that the management of the system of it is plactically or not.

It may cost a lot.

Thank you.


BTW↓SFEN of Aozora Chu Shogi
SFEN: lfc2ek2cfl/a3txot3a/mv1hdqndh1vm/5pp5/3i4i3/12/12/3I4I3/5PP5/MV1HDNQDH1VM/A3TOXT3A/LFC2KE2CFL b - 1

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