Studies down

By analysis boards, you mean /analysis or analysis board after a game?
Does it work for you in anonymous window when you are signed off, what about on other devices?

I mean the analysis board after a game. I haven't tried to log out, and I believe the problem is multi-device related. Now I have no issue. Yesterday between 16:50 CET and 17:00 CET I encountered the problem.

What was the problem specifically? 500 error page, wouldn't load overall, red bar on the bottom left saying reconnecting or something else? Thanks

Wouldn't load overall. Lishogi's worked fine aside from this.

This is hard to debug, there is nothing in the logs (only something websocket related) and I didn't see anything obvious in the thread dumps, although I still think this was some thread starvation. Please msg me if you spot it again, or see some pattern in it.

Is this happening to anyone else?

.. when i go on Tools > Analysis board, the IA doesn't calculate anymore

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