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General Shogi Discussion - Why not a merch shop to promote the site?#1

Why not host a merchandise shop? Similar to what Lichess is doing. It would help to promote the site. You never know. If people are wearing swag from lishogi, it …

General Shogi Discussion - Minishogi and much more!#13


Lishogi Feedback - When can we expect rapid pairing on main page like lichess ?#3

How do we borrow 1000 players from lichess?

General Shogi Discussion - Piece set in latin / western characters#2

Default piece set for this site should be determined based on player location. Show Kanji set if user comes from Japan, otherwise show either a Latin set or a Kanji set with movement arrows inscribed …

General Shogi Discussion - we need more players#28

I have a hypothesis that Shogi - at first glance, looks too intimidating / complex. Let's imagine that people coming here know how to play chess, but have never played or heard of shogi before. Open t…

General Shogi Discussion - Best time control for a beginner?#1

Hi - What would be the best time control for a total beginner at shogi? (I'm an intermediate player, ~1800 classical on lichess).

Lishogi Feedback - Any change for minishogi being implemented / added here as a variant?#1

Hi all, Firstly, I just wanted to say thanks for building an incredible site. I sincerely hope this site grows in popularity! I was just wondering if there are any plans to implement / add mini-shogi …