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General Shogi Discussion - Developing Pieces and General Opening Strategy#3

Explaining the words: Tactical -- 戦術・読み・手筋が大事。Tactics/calculation/tesuji are important. Strategical -- 「戦略」・全局の感覚が大事。Strategy/whole-board intuition are important. In shogi, generally you want to …

General Shogi Discussion - Best time control for a beginner?#2

Something with byoyomi would be good, since it's the most common time control, and also gives a good mix of time and time pressure in the endgame. I'd recommend 15|60 or 15|30. At least 30 second b…

Off-Topic Discussion - What are the titles in Lishogi ?#2

The official titles in shogi are awarded by the Japanese Shogi Association (Nihon Shogi Renmei, 日本将棋連盟). The PRO and LP titles in lishogi are intended to reflect these professional players. PRO is…

General Shogi Discussion - lishogiの使い方ガイド / How to play lishogi [JP]#4

Hello again! I worked on a draft of a lishogi guide (in English only), including how to use some features of studies. I will add pictures soon if there are no problems. I hope it can turn into somethi…

General Shogi Discussion - lishogiの使い方ガイド / How to play lishogi [JP]#2

I'm not good with Japanese... 日本語苦手ですので、すみません。 It's a great guide! I'd like to help clarify some doubts: 素晴らしいガイドを作りました!ありがとうございました!未確認したことについて返事したいです。 - In the game creation, you can make han…

General Shogi Discussion - we need more players#12

@arek Lishogi is available in over 20 languages, including Polish, Russian, and Hungarian. You can change the language from the languages menu, after clicking your name at the top right corner. If …

General Shogi Discussion - Shogi RU#5

The main translation work happens on Crowdin: Feel free to make an account and help out there!

General Shogi Discussion - 2 wrong puzzles!#2

There is nothing wrong with either of those puzzles. The daily puzzle has a clearly best line that is the solution - nothing else gets an advantage. https://li…

General Shogi Discussion - What does the bigsby emoji mean?#3

No, it was not made in Shogi Hall. Bigsby started as the mascot of South Bay shogi club (and is also a great chef).

Game analysis - Any problems in this game?#4

33. Gx66 lost a gold for nothing. 51. B*98 is a waste of a bishop drop, although your position is already bad. The earliest mistakes are 5. G77 and 7. S78, which results in bad shape. Neither of t…