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Lishogi Feedback - Bots#3

Why not just play against people instead of bots then lol?

Lishogi Feedback - encountered bug in lishogi studies#3

@LizardWizard my issue has absolutely nothing to do with the appearance of the pieces. are you just saying that some issues take time to get fixed? otherwise im a little unsure about what your point i…

Lishogi Feedback - encountered bug in lishogi studies#1

refreshing the page changed my SYNC toggle back to on when i prefer it to be off, and sidelines within a move condensed into the wrong location, showing up a move higher than they should inside of the…

General Shogi Discussion - Why did I lose this#4

you missed your chance to break through using the most elementary tesuji of bougin- as in you missed the one purpose of the exact attack you were making. i would recommend to review the tesuji often u…

Off-Topic Discussion - Titled players for shogi?#2

there arent titles in shogi like there are in chess. pro players show up as either LP - ladies pro - or PRO - pro. pro players in shogi are better than the average titled player would be in chess if y…

General Shogi Discussion - Announcing the Bougyoku Tournament#3

question: once the king reaches the 4th rank is he allowed to retreat?

Lishogi Feedback - New AI engine far too strong#8

@Strajo you should look into online groups and discord servers. there are several learning communities where you can find people to play against regularly. games against people will always be better t…