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Lishogi Feedback - Import Games From Shogi Gui with variation#2

I believe it was fixed here See if you can find any useful information there.

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Lishogi Feedback - AI strength and difficulty#2

"Is there a list with AI level that corresponds to it's ELO rating?" The rating is always shown once you enter a game against a particular level. Level 1: 800 Level 2: 1100 Level 3: 1400 Level …

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Lishogi Feedback - the pieces of both kings has dissappeared#2

This is a known issue and is being worked on

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Lishogi Feedback - Opening Explorer#4

Since lishogi has other issues that have more priority I believe that implementing this in lishogi might take a while unfortunately :( Though this definitely will be implemented.

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Lishogi Feedback - Pieces do not appear on the board when right-clicking.#2

This is being looked into in GitHub

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Lishogi Feedback - Even premove consumes time.#2

Thanks I've reported this issue on GitHub Faced the same thing on PC.

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Lishogi Feedback - Make casual (unrated) handicap games possible.#2

Playing casual games from handicap positions is possible on lishogi. You cannot create a handicap game in the lobby, but you can create games against other users and against lishogi's Computer AI (lev…

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Lishogi Feedback - Correspondence game ending by time, how to avoid this?#10

Time pause is a bit weird because if the time limit is 5 days and I pause that's practically like getting extra time and doesn't make sense with respect to the time control. Rather than pausing, maybe…

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General Shogi Discussion - Приложение на Андроид.#2

Yes, Eventually it will be made. But it might take a while.

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Lishogi Feedback - [Request] Implementation of automatic pairing function | [要望]自動ペアリング機能の実装について#6

Incase anyone is curious, this is being worked on over here by toadofsky

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