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Lishogi Feedback - Thumbnail for minishogi#2

It seems fine for me Maybe you could post an additional screenshot describing more about the issue and mentioning which browser/browser version you are using when you fac…

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Lishogi Feedback - opening explorer?#2

Lishogi doesn't support an opening explorer yet.

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Lishogi Feedback - ロビーに全接続者を表示していただけませんか? Could you show all players connected in the lobby?#2

All games created by players will be in the lobby. The reason you might not be able to see all games is because some players create a game but they add rating restrictions. This prevents all games fro…

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Lishogi Feedback - How many players do we need for quick pairing?#2

1. Is it Possible to support quick pairing on lishogi right now? Answer: Yes it is possible. It's even possible when only one player exists in this site (which isn't the case here). No specific nu…

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Lishogi Feedback - Computer handicap games hanging bug#2

I think this is applicable to all From Position(/Handicap) games. The computer isn't playing minishogi games too in my case.

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General Shogi Discussion - Performance#2

This wiki might be of help to you.

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General Shogi Discussion - Engine Ratings#5

Numbers are obviously not 100% accurate but it would be accurate to a great extent I believe. It uses the Skill level option to match to specific strengths too…

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General Shogi Discussion - Engine Ratings#3

No actually the numbers are based on various factors such as how fast the ai should play, how many nodes are limited at a particular level, etc. The code is found here…

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Lishogi Feedback - About black and white shogi piece set | 白黒駒セットについて#2

Yes this error has been noted even in github and the issue is still open

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General Shogi Discussion - Minishogi and much more!#4

Thanks for these great changes. Should try implementing minishogi for bots now!!

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