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Lishogi Feedback - puzzle with multiple solutions that aren't reconized#3

Notice the dragon on 89, if You go P83+ it would be taken by dragon.

Lishogi Feedback - I found a faulty puzzle.#2

Lx31+ is not checkmate, gote can drop a piece on 34 to defend. It has got to be L33+ that's a double attack that cannot be defended against.

General Shogi Discussion - Bug in Puzzle - 2 ways for checkmate. Please respond#3

Did You mean king can run to 31?

Lishogi Feedback - Chat button suggestion#1

Just a little suggestion, it would be great if You add "Onegaishimasu" and "Makemashita" buttons at the bottom of a chat window.

Lishogi Feedback - Confusing display: Illegal pawn drop mate#5

That is great idea! Beginner/advanced setting, where in beginner mode system doesn't let You make illegal move, and advanced mode where You pay for mistakes with loss.

Lishogi Feedback - Confusing display: Illegal pawn drop mate#3

Or make it realistic and allow all illegal moves possible, resulting in game loss.

Game analysis - First game against a human opponent#5

I thought my king will survive, I overlooked 56. Bx47+, You did a good job finishing it.

Game analysis - First game against a human opponent#3

At move 31 B*15 was a mistake, I thought it is a good attack but apparently I was so focused on this corner that I didn't think of G42 reply. Next big mistake was 45 R*48, I should have dropped gol…

Off-Topic Discussion - How did you discover shogi?#3

I have read a news that Karolina Styczyńska has become first foreign pro shogi player. Got intrigued and had to find out more about it.

Lishogi Feedback - Bug: I have got 16 correspondence games going, but I can see only 9 boards in my list view.#5

Ok, then it is a feature not a bug. It just shows 9 most urgent games, I got confused when I was not able to scroll further down.