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Lishogi Feedback - Engine repeating moves instead of trying something else.#2

Hmm well. While it probably shouldn't do that while it's winning, it IS still the level 1 engine. YaneuraOu is supposed to be one of the top shogi AIs, so I would be surprised if avoiding a loss is th…

Off-Topic Discussion - Help the King escape - Lishogi minigame#2

2000 moves and too many hours later I did it. My solution was 700 moves, and a solver tells me it takes 116 moves.

Lishogi Feedback - wins and losses#4

Did you check the "Games" tab next to activity? At least for me it shows all the games. You can use the advanced search to narrow down as well.

Lishogi Feedback - Engine a bit to strong for begginers?#7

I just found out something interesting. If you go to the board editor and do a few moves, like simply push rook pawns for example, and then "continue from here" or paste the SFEN into the "start from …

General Shogi Discussion - So much 3rd/4th file mino?#3

As a new player still trying to beat the lowest level AIs, 4th file rook simply seemed easy to protect against bishop exchange while allowing the bishop to do something else. The AI always catches me …

Lishogi Feedback - Engine a bit to strong for begginers?#6

I played about 20 matches against level 1 (rated 800) and won three out of the last six. But then I moved on to the next level, and it's rated at 1100. That's a huge jump. Would be nice if climbing up…