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General Shogi Discussion - Customized Shogi software#7

Sadly the stands are only aesthetical here and are covered by the text boxes most of the time. I like both the double kanji and single kanji versions and alternate between both. As you have noticed,…

General Shogi Discussion - What is your favourite Shogi piece#15

The dragon, just because it makes the game sound more japanese as opposed to pawn and bishop for instance. Also, the kanji for the dragon is beautiful.

General Shogi Discussion - Customized Shogi software#5

@noID I only use a customized background that fits my browser window in order to keep in register with lishogi board.

General Shogi Discussion - Resources for Western Players#4

I agree with @cjames. The problem is that most of us learnt chess when kids and it was just fun to learn that this baluster like figure, we call pawn, move one square forward and captures in the diago…

General Shogi Discussion - Postpone game#8

I agree. I memory doesn't fail me, playOK or LittleGolem had such a feature. You have a thirty days or so during the year which could be used to prevent losing ongoing games. Usually who plays corresp…

General Shogi Discussion - Impasse - 27-point system#10

@CtripleA Thanks

General Shogi Discussion - Impasse - 27-point system#2

It was said on Discord, that if the king could reach 5a or 5i the game would end. I never tried it, but I would like to know if this was canceled with the 27 point system or both are active now? An…

General Shogi Discussion - Auto join i correspondence game#17

As I understand it, he's asking for a restriction on the number of games played with the same opponent at a specific time. It would really be a nice feature for correspondence games, since those are l…

Lishogi Feedback - Any chance we see other shogi variants on lishogi?#14

Chu Shogi would be nice.

Lishogi Feedback - desire the black letter for the transparent background#14

I think black letters would be great too. I also use an almost white background. I imagine it wouldn't be easy to detect the background overall lightness, but we could have two transparent modes, for …