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Off-Topic Discussion - Eriko Yamaguchi - [Shogi course] Attacked by a third file rook with a static rook [vs. Manao Kagawa]#3

Shogi instructional videos are pretty easy to follow even with mediocre Japanese because they don't usually use internet slang words and don't have many people talking at the same time.

General Shogi Discussion - Minishogi and much more!#12

Gunjin shogi is also an interesting game but it's actually basically stratego rather than a chess variant so implementing it might be difficult In shogi quest you can play tsuitate shogi (shogi in whi…

General Shogi Discussion - Minishogi and much more!#11

Huge thanks for having chu shogi as a variant! That's exactly what I've been hoping for a long time! Now I just need to get good at chu shogi 😅

General Shogi Discussion - Shogi variant tournaments#3

I wish there was Chu Shogi