Windows lishogi-bot executable file

A while ago I saw someone create a lichess-bot executable for Windows which was very neat, and so I decided to try that out myself for lishogi-bot:

Here you can find a Windows executable which can be used in place of!
I've tested it a bit and it works fine for me. If anyone experiences any issues feel free to let me know, and perhaps we can find a solution :)

Wow! I really like the idea of creating a windows executable to use instead of though (I can’t use it because I’m using Linux :c ).

Does the executable have the sam code you have added in or there are a few edits? Also how do you convert from .py to .exe? Pyinstaller ?

I believe it is possible to create linux executables using pyinstaller, however since pyinstaller doesn't cross compile you'll have to compile it yourself on your machine. However, if you want to run a windows exe under linux you can use something like wine.

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